Each collection is inspired from various experiences that have surrounded Amy's life.


Amy's COASTAL OYSTER COLLECTION are mixed media pieces made with a lot of heart. She was drawn to paint these creatures of the sea because of their organic & unique shape. She was struggling through a divorce and found similarities in the "irritants that get inside of an oyster to the "irritants" of her personal life. Through perseverance, faith and painting oysters she is becoming a " pearl " once again and is being lifted out of the darkness that her "life's ocean " brought to her.This Collection has expanded from oysters to crabs and coral paintings. Also included with this collection is coastal napkin rings. blessing beads, images of crabs & corals. 

The CHANGING SEASONS SERIES 2018 was born after life failed to give Amy what she wanted.She found herself in a place where she couldn't control outcomes & chose to surrender & rely on her Higher Power for strength & understanding. ISAIAH 66:9 inspired Amy for this abstract, textural,feminine & colorful format. This series is a reminder to trust in His Plan & the seasons that life presents to us. 

The HEARTBEAT SERIES is dominated by vibrant acrylic color combinations and expressive brush strokes that are inspired from the human heartbeat. The series is reflective of life and cultivated from experiencing a year of loss, heartbreak,fear and defeat. In between those dark times were moments of joy, wisdom, clarity, love and hope. Life is full of hills, mountains and molehills. It is like a heartbeat... moving us up and down and everywhere in between... with our ever faithful God carrying us to the next place on our journey.


The CHAPEL COLLECTION is an ode to the beautiful white chapels seen throughout
the Florida Panhandle. These little white chapels are a place to find peace in a sometimes chaotic world.

You can find more Amy Fogg Art at the following locations:


Etsy: www.amyfoggart.com


Clay 30-A- Seagrove Beach, Florida


The Studio Gallery- Grayton Beach, Fl.

Drift 30a Home- Inlet Beach, Fl,

Emerald Coast Association of Realtors (ECAR)-Santa Rosa Beach, Fl.

Lovelace Interiors- Inlet Beach, Fl.

Bella Beach Interiors, Destin,Fl.


Amy Pollock Fogg earned a BS in Art Education from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and has been an artist and an educator ever since. She paints from various inspirations from life using the hands that God blessed her with.

"Each one of a kind piece of art is made with Love and inspired by God."

             - Amy Fogg

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Amy Fogg Art: Destin,Florida

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